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So you want to be the top dog, the film director. This is the guy who is oversees all of the creative aspects of a movie. He has the vision and uses his own talents and those of the cast and crew to bring that vision to light. The director is the manager on set. There are others who assist him and will make decisions in his absence, but the ultimate responsibly comes down on the directors shoulders.

Every director is different. Some are very technical and have a lot of say in the shooting, lighting, production design of the film (some even shoot their own pictures), others really play a big role in producing or editing, still others just want to work with the actors and let the tech people do the tech stuff. There is no one correct way of doing it as long as you find a team of people who can compliment your skills and style.

Some go to school to learn the skills nessacary to become a filmmaker, but if you don’t have time for that check out Robert Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Film School:

This seems like a good time to pose a question. Who is your favorite director? Post a comment and let us know why.

Additional Information: Wikipedia: Film Director

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Mar 16, 2009 at 8:35 am

I love both Spike Lee and the Coen Brothers. I love Spike Lee’s approach to tough topics, and I very much love the look of Coen Brothers’ movies.



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