NAB 2009, Day 3 – Monday

Posted by Brian Paris on Apr 20, 2009 in Blog

Another day of the DP workshops. Started off with Blue and Green Screen information. Bob Kertesz talked about what he does to shoot for keying.
Some good info that come out:
shoot green 1 stop under key and blue at or a little over key,
blue makes for better flesh tones in a key but has more noise and needs more light than green,
chroma kinoflos work well, just remember that they don’t show as much luminance on waveform,
Composite Components‘ Digital Green Screen material was recommended

Next I went to the Indie Film Super Session. Brian Valente (redrock), moderated a panel consisting of Rodney Charters, Director of Photography, 24; Stu Maschwitz , Founder, The Orphanage; Charles Papert , Co-founder, Instant Films. They talked a lot about the RED camera and the Canon 5d MkII. Seems like there is a lot of talk about the convergence of Digital SLRs and video cameras. I see this being a big thing in the next few years.

Back to the DP workshop for more RED info, and then a session of Steadicam. There is a new wireless video system from IDX. Now you can fly a camera without being tethered to a recorder or monitor. Wireless makes it a lot easier for everyone on set.

Other announcements came from AJA. They have a new recorder, and a portable iO. I was hoping for an announcement from Apple about Final Cut, but no word yet.

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