365 Sketches

Posted by Brian Paris on Jan 19, 2009 in Blog

Joe Janes, a teacher at Second City, is taking up a big challenge today. He has committed to writing a sketch a day, everyday for a year. He is planning on posting his drafts every night along with commentary about the process. I am looking forward to reading every day. Because he is committed to doing this as a teaching exercise also, I think that there will be a lot gained by everyone reading as well as what he himself learns. I only had him as a substitute once in my writing class, but have enjoyed reading his blog ever since. So get a fast start on what may become the best learning resource for sketch writing, check out his blog at Bite and Smile.

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New Way of Learning

Posted by Brian Paris on Jan 2, 2009 in Blog

I never was a big fan of college. It was hard to get excited about learning information that just didn’t have any relevance to my life. I was always learning new things, but not necessarily what they wanted to teach in class. The large classes were the hardest for me. A professor spouting information that I could easily find elsewhere just didn’t do it for me.

This professor, Dr. Michael Wesch, is one that gets it. Read more…

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Sound Slides

Posted by Brian Paris on Jan 1, 2009 in Blog

I have been getting ready for the new semester here at school.  One of the projects that the students will be working on is a photo slideshow with audio.  I needed to find the best software for the student to complete the project.  I had a few requirements that I would like to have in any program.  First, these are Journalism students, so I don’t want anything that involves code writing.  It is about storytelling, not computer technology.  Second, I would like it to output a flash slideshow.  Read more…

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