Link Surfing

Posted by Brian Paris on Jan 5, 2009 in Blog

Fun typographic design sites lead to other design sites. Just some link surfing that I did today.

Words are Pictures: Love this site. Craig Ward uses his illustrative skills to come up with some of the most interesting typographic designs that I have seen. You have to see his portfolio.

Alison Carmichael: She seems to specialize in hand lettering, and nice handiwork it is.

Si Scott Studio: Don’t really like the site navigation, but I like this guys ink.

Sean Freeman – Ink Lady: Sean Freeman has some good work on his site, but the Ink Lady is my favorite.

And finally we end with a big blinking eye at HideYourToys.net, which seems to me to be what the end of the internet would look like.

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Font Love

Posted by Brian Paris on Jan 4, 2009 in Blog

Have you ever wanted to make your own font? I don’t know why, but the idea has always interested me. Maybe it is just the fact that sometimes you can find that just right font, and it will bring your design to a different level. I don’t know what kind of font I would create, but I found a good write up by Alec Julien at his I Love Typography blog. His “So You Want to Create a Font” (Part One, Part Two) post go through a lot of the basics of what you will need to think about if you would like to create your own font.

Turns out it isn’t quite as easy as scribbling some letters on a page and scanning them into your computer. Read more…

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