Software Training

Posted by Brian Paris on Jan 17, 2009 in Blog

With software changing at an ever quickening pace and independent producers being asked to be fluent in more and more areas, it has become necessary to find good resources for learning new programs and keeping up to date with old favorites. Here are some of the resources that I use for finding good information. Read more…

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Posted by Brian Paris on Jan 9, 2009 in Blog

I have been looking at a lot of wordpress plugins lately, so today I am sharing some of the new ones that I have found along with some of my old favorites.

First, let’s talk about wordpress itself.  WordPress.org is an open source blogging platform that is used by many individuals as well as organizations.  Read more…

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Web Gadgets

Posted by Brian Paris on Jan 3, 2009 in Blog

I just found a new web gadget today. I have been doing a lot of web research in the last couple of months. It has been complicated keeping all of my web research organized. I was putting a lot of URLs in folders and printing pages and such. I needed something to streamline that process.

This brings us to today’s first gadget is Evernote. Read more…

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Sound Slides

Posted by Brian Paris on Jan 1, 2009 in Blog

I have been getting ready for the new semester here at school.  One of the projects that the students will be working on is a photo slideshow with audio.  I needed to find the best software for the student to complete the project.  I had a few requirements that I would like to have in any program.  First, these are Journalism students, so I don’t want anything that involves code writing.  It is about storytelling, not computer technology.  Second, I would like it to output a flash slideshow.  Read more…

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